LS Series

Características principales

The LS Series family of machines is designed for intensive use where maximum accuracy and repeatability must be maintained. This machine has been specially developed for solid-state laser cutting of large and thick plates. 

This machine can be configured with automatic covers or with fixed covers and automatic changing tables according to the customer’s needs.

The LS MEGA series are solid-state laser cutting systems which, much like their smaller counterparts, are designed for the cutting of plates ranging from small to medium thicknesses. However, unlike the conventional LS system, the LS MEGA is specifically designed to cut very large dimensions with astounding speed and accuracy. The XL cutting bed and the moving cutting area provide for maximum flexibility in cutting dimensions and allow for almost continuous production.


>     Equipped with TruDisk™ TRUMPF™ solid-state/fiber laser.

>     TWIN DISK® system to simultaneously cut with 2 laser heads.

>     TECOI’s exclusive BEVEL ARC® beveling system.

>     DFP® system for maximum flexibility and performance with both thin and thick materials.

>     Maximum working width up to 4.000 mm. (157,5”) and length up to 26.000 mm. (85 ft)

>     Positioning speed up to 125 m/min. (410 ft/min.)

>     Servo-controlled telescopic cover system.

>     Possibility of two independent working areas.

>     Equipped with FANUC™ activating and controlling systems.

>     S.P.C.® system for detailed piercing control and S.A.C.-L® to minimize collision effects.


LS Series